Custom Postage Stamps

Wouldn’t it be good if we could make our personal custom photo stamps? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could place your own picture, logotype, or some other graphic project or text on your postage stamps? It sure would catch your recipient’s attention, wouldn’t it? It would unquestionably produce a good first impression. Your envelope or box would stand out from among the rest.

Print postage stamps

Internet postage stamps eliminate the need for you to ever visit the post bureau. If you could weigh your packets yourself, calculate the price of postage yourself, and then arrange to make your local postal carrier pick up your packets straight from your house or your bureau, wouldn’t you do it?

Personalized postage stamps

The United States Postal Service has approved an online service named PhotoStamps which will be your booster as you have your own postage stamps. Exclusively service is a way to have your personalized postage stamps authorized so you do not only hold a accumulation of mini graphics, but you are also fit to apply them in your online posting requires.