Print postage stamps

Internet postage stamps eliminate the need for you to ever visit the post bureau. If you could weigh your packets yourself, calculate the price of postage yourself, and then arrange to make your local postal carrier pick up your packets straight from your house or your bureau, wouldn’t you do it?

You would save time and vitality that could have been advisable directed toward more productive tasks.

All you need to get started is:

- a computer with Internet access.

- a printing machine (Color is optional. Black and white will fine.)

- adhesive peel-off-labels for printing stamps onto.

- a Mail Service licensed metered scale.

Did you know that not only can you photographic print your own postage stamps, but that you can also photographic print your own customized postage stamps ? You can use any logotype, any graphic, any picture, any text and any font you wish, to produce your personal “designer stamp”.

Customized postage stamps are good for business organisations that desire to take a special content or mood or even their society logotype. Or, if you are transporting out mail as a hobby or to favorite ones, why not put a picture of you or the people you love, or some graphics or theme?

A photo postage stamp valuable a thousand words and thus a postage stamp can set the tone for your mailer.