Stamp Collection: Finding values of the stamps

stampsThe design of the stamps will keep stamp collectors interested and make them buy the stamps. More than the design, the stamps also have some face value which is unknown when seen directly. There are certain methods by which the face value of the stamps can be identified. The age of the stamps play a vital role in determining the value but finding the age is not easier.

See for any historical events present in the stamp or the quality of the paper which will give a clue over the time period in which the stamp was issued. If possible, try to figure out the country of the stamp. The alignment of the stamp towards the center can also be a factor. Older stamps contain gum that sticks, only when licked. The gum used also determines the value of the stamp as the stamps with mint gum has higher value when compared to non mint gums.

Also, a stamp which contains gum partially or has some creases in it will have lesser value and that is the reason why stamps that are attached over an envelope will have more face value than the one that is been detached. Perforations in the stamp are another common factor as the oldest stamps have little perforations whereas some do not have perforations at all.

Cancellation marks in the stamps reduce the face value as the design gets damaged due to the mark of cancellation seal. Based on the above factors, the value of the stamps are decided. Stamp values can be researched online or browsing through research material available at stamp shows and stores.